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Monday, November 21, 2005

Female butt road hazard...

A bare assed female model advertising a cellulite treatment is being labelled a road hazard by an Italian consumer group (via The Australian)
Plastered over the backs and sides of Rome buses, the cheeky new advertisement for beauty treatment centre DCC features a naked bottom with the slogan "Free of orange-peel (cellulite) in 40 days - 16 sessions for E640".

Apparently this is a recent trend in Italian advertising...

Attention-grabbing nudity - invariably involving attractive young women - seems to be one of the most popular advertising gimmicks in Italy.
Blatant nakedness rarely has anything to do with the product being advertised. One clothing company uses the image of a woman fleeing through a forest - in her birthday suit.

Sex sells... funny that.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Business Tip: Use LinkedIn...

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that your professional networks are a large determinant of your venture's success.

LinkedIn utilises the concept of 6-degrees of spearation:
LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps you discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. Through LinkedIn, you can accelerate your business effectiveness and career success by leveraging the network you already have. LinkedIn makes it easy to receive and seek out opportunities through your extended network while protecting your privacy, your inbox and your existing professional relationships.

So a scenario might be:
You spot a high-ranking executive, Mel, that you want to get a hold of, but don't know personally. However, one of your trusted contacts, Greg, does have this person as a trusted contact. You can request Greg to refer your details to Mel. She can then decide whether or not to contact you.

Contact information, such as email, is hidden, unless they accept your invitation to be part of your LinkedIn network.

I currently use LinkedIn and have been able to meet a few contacts and also refer a few on as well.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Innovative Ad Mediums: Computer Screen Floor Mat...

Tech firm Intellimat has patented a computer mat less than an inch thick that can be placed on the floors of retailers for in-store advertising.
Essentially a PC wired to a storewide computer, the mat is sturdy, but thin enough to roll a shopping cart over, and it can play ads with sound at shoppers walking on it. At $9,900 each, the four-screen plasma mat is being shopped to grocery and drugstore chains nationwide.
Intellimat, based in Roanoke, Va. and financed by incubator The Egg Factory, declined to name its clients, but said retailers set to launch test markets include a national grocery store and national drugstore chain. Typically, in-store advertising providers have revenue-sharing agreements with retailers, but Intellimat has not set up a formal sales process yet.
(via AdAge)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Innovative Ad Mediums: Aeroplane Table Trays...

Verizon advertises on USAirways table trays
New York—Verizon Wireless has launched an ad campaign that features ads on the back of airline passengers’ seat-back tray tables on USAirways planes. The ad campaign, launched in partnership with Sky Media International, promotes Venison’s wide-area wireless broadband network and wireless broadband access devices. The campaign launched following the merger of USAirways and America West Airlines. It is running on 11,500 passenger tray tables.

(via B2BOnline)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Comedy Central launches MotherLoad.com: 80 new vids a week...

Comedy Central will launch their broadband-enabled site, MotherLoad.com, on Nov. 1, promising 80 new 3-5 minute videos each week (via AdAge). Their strategy is pretty well summed up by this statement:
“Our audience wants content when they want it,” said Mitch Fried, senior VP-promotion marketing.

Advertisers include Verizon Wireless, Volkswagen and U.S. Army. Network excutives have also indicated that they may move to delivering content over wireless channels if MotherLoad.com is successful.

Another reason why content is king.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Sony Pictures uses "Possessed" Newspaper to promote Exorcism movie...

Whilst being a good brother and taking my little sister to see the latest Wallace and Gromit movie, I noticed a newspaper, near the $10 popocorn, "Possessed: The State of Modern Exorcism." It's header reads:
THE FOLLOWING NEWS ARTICLES chronicle just a few of the events surrounding the act of exorcism in our modern world. The real-life practice of exorcism is on the rise worldwide. The feature film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, starting its internation realease this fall, is based on the true story of a young girl who died while being exorcised. The priest responsible was tried for manslaughter. What would your verdict be if your religion was put on trial?

The back page had it's movie website: WhatHappenedToEmily.com. Interestingly you can download clips to your PSP and can bid for props and wardrobe items there.

HP and Intel’s Mobile Colour Factory Promotion...

Something I spotted in Melbourne, Australia. HP and Intel have teamed up and created “The Colour Factory” to showcase the digital process flow from digital camera to final print, utilising - I assume - HP and Intel technology.

Friday, October 21, 2005

4 reasons your email isn't being delivered...

Been frustrated with the lack of deliverability of your emails?
Karen J. Bannan from BtoB Online gives some reasons why:

1) Reason No.1: You’re sending too much mail.
Your company could be labelled as a spammer. Complaints could be from your customers, who no longer want to be contacted or feel that they are not in control of the amount of emails you send them.

2) Reason No.2: You haven’t checked your list lately.
Bounced emails and "user unknown" flags ISP's and spam filter companies assuming that your sending emails with changed prefixes in the recipient's address. Make sure you have a double opt-in system to weed out subscribers using fake email addresses.

3) Reason No.3: Your infrastructure isn’t set up right and secure.
Some servers can be hacked and spammers can send mass-emails via your server, thus damaging your company's image.

4) Reason No.4: Your content looks like spam.
Messages that use spamlike wording, images instead of text or a single link instead of many.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Video iPOD shows content is king...

Poor old advertisers. With the increasing amount of mediums for delivering content, advertisers now have to contend with the release of Video iPOD - showcasing hit shows like "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives." The power of consuming content is shifting ever more towards the consumer and advertisers are getting nervous.

"The idea of consumer-controlled content has been prevalent," according to Andrew Swinand, executive vice-president at Starcom Worldwide, part of Publicis. "This is the tipping point in terms of it coming to fruition."(via MarketingVOX)

Although Apple will not allow ads to be run on Video iPODs - yet - how can advertisers deliver their message to the throws of newly empowered consumers?
I think that product placement deals and sponsorship deals will be the biggest growth area in years to come. Expect to see a lot of deals between producers and advertisers in this area. I also expect that TV ad rates, in the long term, will decline with more and more viewers consuming their content when, where and how they want.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

GE and Dow Jones: Eco-friendly business idea can win you $50,000

GE and Dow Jones have an interesting business plan competition so-called "ECOnomics: The Environmental Business Plan Challenge"

From their website:
GE and Dow Jones are looking for great business ideas that combine environmental innovation and profitability, because we truly believe that "green" business represents good business. That's why we're offering some help to those who share in the belief that environmental consciousness and effective business practice don't have to diverge. In fact, we're so sure of it, we're going to put up some green to help it along - $50,000 of it.

So if you're a university student, an MBA candidate or a confident entrepreneur, submit your business idea and you could win $50,000. It's time to get your enterprise to help the earth, off the ground.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Shameless Plug 104: Advertisers can now post their ad space needs on Ad-Bay

Ad-Bay have launched a new free “Give Me Space” service designed for advertisers to post their ad space requirements. Media sellers can then offer their ad space stock for consideration.

Ad-Bay currently operates as an advertising space marketplace where media sellers can post their ad space details and buyers can browse through and bid for the space on offer. Ad space categories include billboards, radio, internet, magazine, in-game ads and sponsorships.

“Ad-Bay’s long-term goal is to create a dynamic and vibrant community of advertising space buyers and sellers. Our new ‘Give Me Space’ service will further add to the way buyers and sellers interact.” Graeme Klass, CEO and Founder of Ad-Bay said, “Advertisers can list their specific ad space requirements such as target demographics, location, media etc. Media sellers who match their requirements can then submit their ad space and the advertiser can then, if they wish, enter a bid.”

“For example, if you are looking to target the Hispanic community, simply submit a “Give Me Space” ad, free of charge, on our site and then simply wait for media sellers that target the Hispanic market to submit their offer to you. Privacy is assured as contact information is only exchanged when the advertiser agrees to purchase the space through Ad-Bay’s bidding and buying system.”

In an age of increasing media fragmentation, businesses are looking for a multi-channel approach to delivering their message. This new service looks to assist advertisers create an effective, multi-channel, targeted campaign.

Creating a “Give Me Space” listing is free.

About Ad-Bay
Established in May 2005, Ad-Bay’s (http://www.ad-bay.com) goal is to create a dynamic and vibrant community of buyers and sellers of advertising space. Buyers and sellers are matched through an online auction system. Ad-Bay’s Founder Graeme Klass runs a related blog site called “Dash” (http://ad-bay.blogspot.com) with marketing and advertising news and tips for businesses and entrepreneurs.