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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Generating Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth used to be the ony way to promote your business back in the 1800s for many people. Now we have a myriad of ways with which to advertise. However, word of mouth advertising is still one of the most powerful ways to build brand loyalty among your customers. In fact there is now an association (WOMMA - Word of Mouth Marketing Association) dedicated to this. (WOMMA have an "Word-of-Mouth vs Advertising: Consumers in Control" conference on September 28)

MarketingProfs have an article devlving into the psychological needs of consumers in why customers feel the need to share information with each other. In particular, the difference between men and women's brains:
...since the early 1990s, research studies conducted by leading psychologists,
biologists, neuroscientists, paleontologists and ethnologist have clearly shown that there are in fact brain differences between men and women. These differences do impact each gender's preferred way of communicating, learning and socialization.

The key difference is area of the brain devoted to emotion - a key way to build brand loyalty:

MRI scans of both men and women have successfully located the area of the brain
that is responsible for emotion. In men, emotion is located in two areas of the
right side of their brain. Located in only one side, men's emotions can operate
separately from the other brain functions. Women's emotions are located in both
hemispheres of the brain, making her more able to "switch her emotions on" while
her brain performs other functions. Ask any brand steward, and they will tell
you the key to building brands is getting to the emotions... building
associative memories.

Which leads to another important aspect in generating word-of-mouth - communication. Women love to communicate and share:

talking is necessary for processing information. Her brain is prewired to use
speech as is a primary form of expression.

Thus when you are creating a word-of-mouth strategy, remember that when targetting females, make sure that you create an engaging, trusting, community based feel not just for your brnad, but for your entire business. Use techniques like viral marketing, blogs, personalised email and great sales staff to continually build your brand appeal.


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