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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

TV or Online Advertising?

Five questions from Pete Lerma of Clickz to decide whether you should advertise on TV or Online:
    • Is my target audience online? Analyze your target audience's media consumption. If the audience spends most of its time online and under-indexes for TV consumption, think about how you can use interactive media to deliver your message. You'll find that a lot of people spend more time online than anywhere else.
    • Is my message best delivered in video? You might expect an affirmative answer to this question would move you more toward TV. But, TV isn't the end all, be all; video is. It's hard to argue the effects of motion and sound. Video is an incredibly powerful messaging tool. But it doesn't have to be delivered on a TV set. Sometimes, it shouldn't be.
    • Do I need more than 30 seconds to tell my story? If you have a complex or fantastic product, you may need more time to tell your story. With TV, it can be difficult -- and expensive -- to deliver a message that's 120 seconds or longer. Consider moving that message online and using a VOD (define) platform in conjunction with your interactive video placements. Use your interactive ad units to draw people to the Web site where you can deliver the long-form video message.
    • How high is broadband penetration among my target audience? According to Web Site Optimization, U.S. broadband penetration is currently 58.5 percent of Internet households. However, if your target audience is younger or more affluent, you may find that percentage is much higher. If you have an audience with 80 percent or 90 percent penetration, that audience isn't just prepared for but expecting engaging brand experiences. This is an opportunity to deliver long-form video content.
    • Is the Internet an important channel for my client's business? Consider the category your client competes in. Is there a heavy reliance on the Internet for
      research in this category? Can the product or service be purchased online? If you can answer "yes" to these questions, don't be afraid to use online as your primary messaging medium.


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