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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

33 Tips for Marketing Success...

Here's a list of 33 simple tasks to improve your marketing... from Marketing Guru Al Lautenslager (via Entrepreneur.com)

  1. Hand write a thank-you note to a prospect or customer
  2. Enter customer or prospect names into a database
  3. Brainstorm tagline ideas
  4. Visit a competitor's website
  5. Write an article to pitch to your local business organization
  6. Make a list of press release ideas
  7. Write a press release
  8. Call a newspaper and ask who the feature editor is for your area of expertise
  9. Compose an e-mail sales letter
  10. Call a few prospects or customers to get their e-mail contact information
  11. Develop a series of survey questions
  12. Brainstorm advertising concepts
  13. Write a pitch letter to a radio or TV station
  14. Get contact information from media outlets
  15. Plan a renaming of your products
  16. Work on new product development and introduction ideas
  17. Invite a customer or prospect to your office for coffee or to discuss new ideas
  18. Recognize a special prospect or customer
  19. Discuss a fusion marketing idea with a strategic business partner
  20. Visit a few marketing-related websites
  21. Post new information on your website
  22. Plan your networking calendar for the week
  23. Call to follow up with networking contacts
  24. Get price estimates for the printing and mailing of your direct-mail campaign
  25. Mail samples of your product to top prospects
  26. Brainstorm ideas for an "enter to win" contest
  27. Develop a coupon for your product or service
  28. Rewrite your phone's on-hold message script
  29. Write an article or other text for your newsletter
  30. Brainstorm new product or service ideas
  31. Plan a new customer service activity that will truly delight your customers
  32. Develop your benefit list and compare to it to your competitions'
  33. Develop a checklist, top-ten list or other information as a response to a marketing hook


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