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Friday, October 21, 2005

4 reasons your email isn't being delivered...

Been frustrated with the lack of deliverability of your emails?
Karen J. Bannan from BtoB Online gives some reasons why:

1) Reason No.1: You’re sending too much mail.
Your company could be labelled as a spammer. Complaints could be from your customers, who no longer want to be contacted or feel that they are not in control of the amount of emails you send them.

2) Reason No.2: You haven’t checked your list lately.
Bounced emails and "user unknown" flags ISP's and spam filter companies assuming that your sending emails with changed prefixes in the recipient's address. Make sure you have a double opt-in system to weed out subscribers using fake email addresses.

3) Reason No.3: Your infrastructure isn’t set up right and secure.
Some servers can be hacked and spammers can send mass-emails via your server, thus damaging your company's image.

4) Reason No.4: Your content looks like spam.
Messages that use spamlike wording, images instead of text or a single link instead of many.


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