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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

News from Japan: Internet malls eye guidelines to protect online shoppers

16 major Internet companies with strong footholds in the Japanese online market, including Yahoo! Inc. and NTT DoCoMo, Inc., will jointly create guidelines for Internet shopping.

There have been no clear guidelines laid down by the online shopping industry, although individual operators have instituted their own guidelines. By establishing the council and unified standards for the protection of customers, the industry hopes to convince consumers of the safety of shopping online.

Measures to be taken by the industry will include creating a system in which the identity of auctioneers will be fully established to prevent consumers from falling prey to fraudulent sales through online auctions.

The industry also will work to lay down guidelines to prevent distributors posting misleading advertisements.

According to the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry, Internet purchases totaled 5.64 trillion yen in 2004, compared with 3.04 trillion yen in sales mail order services through such means as catalogues and television shopping during the 2004 business year.

From Abby, our Japan correspondent via The Yomiuri Shimbun


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