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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Report: Men Prefer Coupons, Women Prefer Sales

From MarketingVOX:

Consumers favor free shipping above all other money-saving options when
shopping online - but men favor coupons over sale items, whereas women prefer
sale items over coupons - reports DMNews (via MediaBuyerPlanner). Manufacturer rebates and sweepstakes ranked behind sale items and coupons across the board. The findings appear in the first Ebates Online Savings Index. The class of items consumers are shopping for affects how they choose to save online.

Those shopping in the home & garden category cite free shipping among their favorite ways to save money when shopping, higher than in any other category.

Those buying in the business & office and computer categories look for mail-in rebates. And those shopping for apparel and jewelry are eager to find items on sale.


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