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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Video iPOD shows content is king...

Poor old advertisers. With the increasing amount of mediums for delivering content, advertisers now have to contend with the release of Video iPOD - showcasing hit shows like "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives." The power of consuming content is shifting ever more towards the consumer and advertisers are getting nervous.

"The idea of consumer-controlled content has been prevalent," according to Andrew Swinand, executive vice-president at Starcom Worldwide, part of Publicis. "This is the tipping point in terms of it coming to fruition."(via MarketingVOX)

Although Apple will not allow ads to be run on Video iPODs - yet - how can advertisers deliver their message to the throws of newly empowered consumers?
I think that product placement deals and sponsorship deals will be the biggest growth area in years to come. Expect to see a lot of deals between producers and advertisers in this area. I also expect that TV ad rates, in the long term, will decline with more and more viewers consuming their content when, where and how they want.


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