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Friday, September 02, 2005

Help for advertising, PR and marketing professionals...

MarketingSherpa have a site for Marketing, Advertising, & PR Professionals for those in the Hurricane affected areas.

Market Research Association have a Researcher-to-Researcher Assistance Blog. “This Blog will be used as an exchange system where all research professionals can list what they are in need of and/or what they can provide one another” says its’ website

Donate your online ad space to Red Cross

Donate your online ad space to Red Cross and help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina: Initial Thoughts...

With many businesses, especially the small and medium ones, in the New Orleans and the surrounding areas hurt so badly, it is with sadness (but also optimism and hope) that I publish my first article on “Dash”.

Whilst the most important thing is the immediate safety of family and loved ones in this crisis, the longer term impact on the local economy will be significant. Whilst the devastation of Katrina is so plain to see, there is something about the American spirit that will not take a beating like this without a fight back to rebuild and re-energise. I’m an Australian and we do share that sense of “can-do” attitude and that sense of helping a mate out in times of need.

So I hope the readers of this column can give moral and or financial to the families and businesses adversely affected by Katrina.

Perhaps you have a story or two about a disaster and how you coped?