web statistics "Dash": 2005-09-11

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Productivity Tip: RoboForm

If you are tired of filling out the same information time and time again when registering for web pages, online transactions and such then think about getting Roboform. It’s also great for remembering all your web-based passwords.

Roboform is free and with limited functionality. I have the full-version and I use daily – probably hourly.

* Disclaimer: I have a financial arrangement with Roboform through their reseller/partner program based on a cost-per-click and small percentage if you do buy the software through the above link. I only signed up to their reseller program because it was such a great little piece of software and I highly recommend it to anyone!

* Disclaimer on the Disclaimer: It was not my intention to make the Disclaimer longer than the body of the article. At least my conscience is clear.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Shameless Plug 101: Ad-Bay's first human ad space auction...

Had an interesting listing on our website - our first human ad space auction.

Although Ad-Bay was set up for mainstream advertising space, we'll see where this goes. Could be a lot of fun!

Surfers with full stomachs go clickety click

aQuantive's Atlas Institute (via Clickz) have shown that web surfers have a higher conversion rates during lunch breaks and evening times.

The report identifies the lunch break and evening hours before bedtime as
times that yield the most conversions. At mid-day, conversions are 35 percent
higher than the overall average.

Some online publishers charge a higher rates according to "dayparts". Gee if only there was an auction site to auction off their popular primetime ad space! "/shameless_plug"

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

World's Longest Billboard...

Ad-Rag reports that Virgin Express is promoting their latest flight deal on a 3,600 foot monster billboard!

Imagine the poor ad agency creative with a client demand like this: "I need a creative copy for a 3,600 foot billboard by this afternoon!"

In-Game Advertising to Grow...

I've been intrested in the whole advertising in video games for a while now. The video game industry is worth about 10 billion dollars (more than box office receipts) and is expected to grow to 16.9 billion in 2008.

In-Game advertising projections from eMarketer.com:

Advergames are promotional games created by companies and is usually associated with viral marekting technigques. Examples can be found here and here.

In-game advertising are a little more subtle. Many video games are set in real world stituations like first-person, multiplayer games with settings in cities, building etc. That is, in places where you would expect to see advertising. Game publishers have now realised that a) in-game ads (like billboards on walls) add to the realism of the game and b) advertising can make them extra money. Check out a few examples here.

Media guru Jack Myers (via Clickz):

According to the Jack Myers 2006 Marketing and Advertising Spending Forecast, in-game advertising is expected to grow by 40 percent in 2006, though it will still represent less than one percent of total ad spend. Online advertising will increase by 27 percent to reach a 6.4 percent market share. Movie screen advertising is expected to grow by 25 percent; branded entertainment, local and regional cable, and custom publishing will each grow less than 20 percent each.

SHAMELESS PLUG 101 UPDATE: Ad-Bay's first in-game ad space listed!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ad clichés to avoid...

Advertising is supposed to synonymous with creativity. Advertising practitioners, when facing looming deadlines and a demanding boss (or client!), can unfortunately take the road well-travelled.

So think about avoiding these 26 ad clichés (from BBC):

1. Men are obsessed with sex but will forego sex in order to watch football or drink beer.

2. Women are locked in a constant battle with their weight/body shape/hairstyle.

3. Career success is entirely based on your ability to impress your boss.

4. Mums are often harassed but NEVER depressed/unable to cope.

5. Any act of male stupidity (e.g. walking across a clean floor in muddy boots, putting the dog in the dishwasher, etc.) will be met with a wry smile, not genuine annoyance/anger.

6. Married men will flirt with other, younger women but NEVER act upon it.

7. Anyone with a scientific career will have a bad haircut and dreadful clothes.

8. If you work for the emergency services, you are a better person than the general population.

9. Elderly relatives NEVER suffer from senile dementia.

10. Scandinavians are, without exception, blonde and beautiful.

11. Women have jobs they never do in real life, e.g. dockworker (who looks like a

12. Children will not eat fruit or vegetables. Ever.

13. Both men and women find driving deeply pleasurable, never
boring or stressful.

14. Men are inherently lazy/slobbish; women
are the reverse.

15. Chocolate, however, will cause women to
immediately fall into the languor of the opium eater.

16. High Street bank staff are (A) friends of the customers, and (B) of slightly
above-average attractiveness (only if female).

17. Modern men own a cat.

18. Hot beverages have miraculous rejuvenating effects.

19. Professional people have strangely trivial preoccupations, e.g. a female barrister who is morbidly obsessed with finding a healthy snack bar.

20. All women (except stay-at-home housewives) have interesting and enjoyable careers.

21. Any over-the-counter medical product will work instantly and 100% effectively.

22. Children know more than adults.

23. Women never merely hop in and out of the shower, instead preferring to act out some sort of soapy Dance of the Seven Veils.

24. School is a happy experience for all children.

25. Tortilla chips are the most exciting experience any group of young people can experience.

26. Playing bingo is THE number one pastime among 18-25 year old British women.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Here's a challenge: Promote what you got in 5 secs...

AdRants report that Clear Channel are creating 5 second "ad-lets" for their 1200 odd-radio stations across the US. It's yet to be seen whether these ads will really efficiently promote your wares or just annoy the hell out of listeners.

Can you get your message across in 5 seconds? Can you cut the bullshit and the fluff and "get to the point" ?