web statistics "Dash": 2005-09-25

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Shameless Plug 103: Ad-Bay's Search Phrases for September 2005

Interested in the search phrases people put into search engines to get to Ad-Bay? We thought we would let you know our search phrases for October 2005. If you have relevant ad space you might want to think about listing it.

Top 20: Read the full list here. Figures in brackets are % of total.
  1. selling newspaper advertising space (5.30%)
  2. ad space (3.10%)
  3. advertising rates (2.90%)
  4. advertising space (2.50%)
  5. sell ad space (2.20%)
  6. ad auction (1.50%)
  7. sell advertising space (1.50%)
  8. newspaper advertising (1.40%)
  9. buy ad space (1.40%)
  10. selling advertising space (1.10%)
  11. sell advertising (1.10%)
  12. we sell magazine advertising for you (1%)
  13. billboard advertising (1%)
  14. remnant advertising (0.80%)
  15. radio advertising (0.80%)
  16. purchase remnant advertising space (0.80%)
  17. advertising auction (0.70%)
  18. media auction (0.60%)
  19. magazine advertising rates (0.60%)
  20. daseen magazine (0.60%)

Friday, September 30, 2005

Chance to secure governemnt funds from a $2 billion pot...

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs provide more than $2 billion each year to small businesses helping entrepreneurs take their ideas from the laboratory to market. The SBIR and STTR programs fund projects at the earliest stages of development and allow firms who have not yet attracted funding through Venture Capital or other alternative financing to succeed in commercialization.

The 2005 Fall National SBIR/STTR Conference in Albany, NY, will provide an opportunity for small businesses from across the country to learn about these programs, teach them how to apply, and explain what it takes to win part of the $2+ billion.

Conference topics will include:

  • Proposal Preparation - The Basics
  • Patents & Licensing
  • Incubators: A Place to Grow Your Business
  • Accounting for SBIR/STTR: Different from Paying Taxes!
  • Commercialization Plan Primer
  • Alternative Financing: What Other Sources Can You Tap?
  • Evaluations: How Do Granting and Contracting Agencies Evaluate YOUR Proposal?
  • Valuation of Intellectual Properties

(via SBIR)

US Spanish speakers growing influence online...

FeedBackResearch (via Clickz) has some interesting results that will impact web designers and e-commerce sites across the US:

Relatively new to the Web, 79 percent of Spanish-speaking Hispanics have used the Internet for five years or less, but are already highly engaged in online activities. Forty-six percent of Spanish-speakers have been on the Internet less than two years, compared to the identified 17 percent of non-Spanish speakers. As the population grows, the number of Spanish-language Hispanic households accessing the Web via broadband continues to rise.
So what impact will this have? If a large slice of your target market is Spanish speaking consider updating your site to be multi-lingual. Make sure you get expert advice on the grammer and structure of your content, especially for the legal terms and conditions of your site. If your website is contunally changing make sure you build into your business processes a streamlined way of getting your content translated, uploaded and verified on your site. Also consider that physical marketing material such as flyers and business cards may need to be made multi-lingual as well...

The research also indicates that Spanish-speaking Hispanic are more likely to purchase from Spanish websites:
Spanish-language sites are the preferred channel among Hispanic online users. Sixty-nine percent of Spanish-speakers visit sites in Spanish to buy and research products. Hispanic respondents are 49 percent more likely to buy from a Spanish language site when shopping online.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Shameless Plug 102: China Daily lists sponsorship deal on Ad-Bay to cash in on 2008 Olympics

China's largest english newspaper/online website is looking for sponsorhip in their "1000 day countdown to the 2008 Olympics" feature. Bidding starts at 616,523 USD.

Check out the auction here.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Eat This! AdCandy draws inspirations from the masses...

AdCandy is a new business to draw advertising ideas from Joe Public (via AdRants). Registered members can submit their ads ideas and win cash prizes for the best ads. Marketers are then invited to buy these ads. All ad submissions become property of AdCandy:
All contest submissions, besides IMAGE submissions, become the property of Adcandy in exchange for consideration to win prizes. All prizes are awarded on the basis of skill and originality. Entrants must be legal U.S. residents, 18 years old or above. There is no cost to enter any Adcandy contest.
It's an interesting concept.