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Thursday, October 13, 2005

5 tips to kick start Q4 sales...

Heidi Cohen from Clickz has 5 great tips to kick start your revenues...

  1. Add Halloween, Election Day, or Veterans' Day promotions to your marketing plans. Since you're adding them late in the game, you need a short turnaround that doesn't cannibalize your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa-related sales. Other underexploited holiday ideas that can break through and distinguish your firm are Winter Solstice, Fall Back (for changing the clocks), and First Snow. Tie these events into your product line for the greatest potential.

  2. Include RSS feeds to distribute marketing promotions, if you don't already use them. To keep your feeds interesting, incorporate a mix of special offers and product-focused information. Support these promotions throughout your Web site and in site footer links.

  3. Send sponsored e-greetings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Go beyond a hackneyed "Thank you for your patronage" message to give something special to engaged customers. If you're a travel site, include more than just a travel widget. Send a sponsored card with links for flight tracking and driving directions. Your customers will find your communication useful even if they didn't purchase tickets from you.

  4. Give holiday purchasers a coupon for use after January 1. Many retailers experience lower sales after the holidays. Give customers a reason to come back. Position it as "We think you deserve a gift!" Remember to mentioned it can't be combined with other discounts.

  5. Create tie-in offers. This promotion can be used on a media site in a special sponsored section giving users a free subscription, on an e-commerce site as a purchase with purchase (where customers receive a deal on a related product), or coordinated with a sister or non-competing company to offer customers something they find useful.

Playboy slashes ad rates; Readers to pay more for printed porn

(Via AdAge)
Playboy is slashing its guaranteed paid circulation for advertisers -- the all-important metric known as rate base -- by 4.7%, to 3 million from 3.15 million, and hiking its cover price to $5.99 from $4.99.

Playboy is facing stiff competition from a relaunched Penthouse and from "softer" mags such Maxim and FHM. It also faces tough competition from the Internet - where you can get high quality "articles" for free.

Playboy Circulation stats:
Penthouse had an average paid circulation of 355,698 during the first half of this year, down from 400,229 during the first half of 2004, according to its filings with the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Playboy's rate-base reduction takes effect with January issue; the cover price will rise one month later. A spokeswoman did not return a call seeking comment by deadline.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

33 Tips for Marketing Success...

Here's a list of 33 simple tasks to improve your marketing... from Marketing Guru Al Lautenslager (via Entrepreneur.com)

  1. Hand write a thank-you note to a prospect or customer
  2. Enter customer or prospect names into a database
  3. Brainstorm tagline ideas
  4. Visit a competitor's website
  5. Write an article to pitch to your local business organization
  6. Make a list of press release ideas
  7. Write a press release
  8. Call a newspaper and ask who the feature editor is for your area of expertise
  9. Compose an e-mail sales letter
  10. Call a few prospects or customers to get their e-mail contact information
  11. Develop a series of survey questions
  12. Brainstorm advertising concepts
  13. Write a pitch letter to a radio or TV station
  14. Get contact information from media outlets
  15. Plan a renaming of your products
  16. Work on new product development and introduction ideas
  17. Invite a customer or prospect to your office for coffee or to discuss new ideas
  18. Recognize a special prospect or customer
  19. Discuss a fusion marketing idea with a strategic business partner
  20. Visit a few marketing-related websites
  21. Post new information on your website
  22. Plan your networking calendar for the week
  23. Call to follow up with networking contacts
  24. Get price estimates for the printing and mailing of your direct-mail campaign
  25. Mail samples of your product to top prospects
  26. Brainstorm ideas for an "enter to win" contest
  27. Develop a coupon for your product or service
  28. Rewrite your phone's on-hold message script
  29. Write an article or other text for your newsletter
  30. Brainstorm new product or service ideas
  31. Plan a new customer service activity that will truly delight your customers
  32. Develop your benefit list and compare to it to your competitions'
  33. Develop a checklist, top-ten list or other information as a response to a marketing hook

Innovative Ad Mediums: New York Times advertising-supported branded watermarks over stock listings...

The New York Times is introducing a new ad medium where advertising-supported branded watermarks that will be superimposed over a Tuesday to Saturday page of its public company stock listings in the Business Day section of the newspaper.

This ad medium is designed for:
major branding campaigns and new product launches, where reaching the financial community is of particular importance.

Jyll Holzman, senior vice president of advertising for The New York Times, says in a news release:
"Our new branded watermark unit reflects The Times's ongoing commitment to deliver high impact advertising opportunities and value to our customers, This is a perfect business-to-business advertising opportunity for companies that want to reach influencers in the financial markets."

According to the results of the 2004-2005 U.S. Opinion Leaders study conducted by Erdos & Morgan, the weekday edition of The New York Times ranks first of 156 print, broadcast and cable media in reaching U.S. opinion leaders. The study also revealed that more U.S. opinion leaders rank the weekday New York Times "influential" than all other media outlets measured.

About The New York Times Company

The New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT), a leading media company with 2004 revenues of $3.3 billion, includes The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe, 15 other daily newspapers, eight network-affiliated television stations, two New York City radio stations and 35 Web sites, including NYTimes.com, Boston.com and About.com. For the fifth consecutive year, the Company was ranked No. 1 in the publishing industry in Fortune's 2005 list of America's Most Admired Companies. The Company's core purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and entertainment.

News from Japan: Internet malls eye guidelines to protect online shoppers

16 major Internet companies with strong footholds in the Japanese online market, including Yahoo! Inc. and NTT DoCoMo, Inc., will jointly create guidelines for Internet shopping.

There have been no clear guidelines laid down by the online shopping industry, although individual operators have instituted their own guidelines. By establishing the council and unified standards for the protection of customers, the industry hopes to convince consumers of the safety of shopping online.

Measures to be taken by the industry will include creating a system in which the identity of auctioneers will be fully established to prevent consumers from falling prey to fraudulent sales through online auctions.

The industry also will work to lay down guidelines to prevent distributors posting misleading advertisements.

According to the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry, Internet purchases totaled 5.64 trillion yen in 2004, compared with 3.04 trillion yen in sales mail order services through such means as catalogues and television shopping during the 2004 business year.

From Abby, our Japan correspondent via The Yomiuri Shimbun

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Magazine revenue rises for eighth straight month

Via B2BOnline:
New York—Total magazine rate-card-reported advertising revenue increased 4.7% in September from a year earlier, closing at $2.42 billion, according to the Publishers Information Bureau (PIB).

It marked the eighth straight month that PIB revenue rose. Year-to-date, revenue totaled $16.21 billion, an increase of 7.9% from the same period last year, with ad pages totaling 171,696, a 1% gain. Ad pages totaled 25,733 in September, down 1.3% from a year earlier.
Seven of the 12 major advertising categories tracked showed gains in September. Top gainers included media & advertising; financial, insurance & real estate; drugs & remedies; and toiletries & cosmetics.

Tips for increasing your selling savvy...

Selling is the lifeblood of any business and entrepreneur. The environment in which salespeople operate have changed over the years:

  1. Customers are better-educated, more sophisticated, and more value-conscious
  2. Competition is stiffer
  3. Technology is rapidly replacing peddlers
  4. Time has become a priceless commodity—for salespeople and for their customers
So to increase your selling savvy in this new environment:
  1. Selling savvy is understanding the selling process well enough to approach it as a highly educated professional.
  2. Selling savvy is understanding people well enough to influence them to buy.
  3. Selling savvy is knowing how to execute.
  4. Selling savvy means developing street smarts.
  5. Selling savvy is having the self-discipline to carry out every detail of your strategy all day, every day.

Read the rest of the article from MarketingProfs.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Report: Men Prefer Coupons, Women Prefer Sales

From MarketingVOX:

Consumers favor free shipping above all other money-saving options when
shopping online - but men favor coupons over sale items, whereas women prefer
sale items over coupons - reports DMNews (via MediaBuyerPlanner). Manufacturer rebates and sweepstakes ranked behind sale items and coupons across the board. The findings appear in the first Ebates Online Savings Index. The class of items consumers are shopping for affects how they choose to save online.

Those shopping in the home & garden category cite free shipping among their favorite ways to save money when shopping, higher than in any other category.

Those buying in the business & office and computer categories look for mail-in rebates. And those shopping for apparel and jewelry are eager to find items on sale.