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Friday, October 28, 2005

Comedy Central launches MotherLoad.com: 80 new vids a week...

Comedy Central will launch their broadband-enabled site, MotherLoad.com, on Nov. 1, promising 80 new 3-5 minute videos each week (via AdAge). Their strategy is pretty well summed up by this statement:
“Our audience wants content when they want it,” said Mitch Fried, senior VP-promotion marketing.

Advertisers include Verizon Wireless, Volkswagen and U.S. Army. Network excutives have also indicated that they may move to delivering content over wireless channels if MotherLoad.com is successful.

Another reason why content is king.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Sony Pictures uses "Possessed" Newspaper to promote Exorcism movie...

Whilst being a good brother and taking my little sister to see the latest Wallace and Gromit movie, I noticed a newspaper, near the $10 popocorn, "Possessed: The State of Modern Exorcism." It's header reads:
THE FOLLOWING NEWS ARTICLES chronicle just a few of the events surrounding the act of exorcism in our modern world. The real-life practice of exorcism is on the rise worldwide. The feature film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, starting its internation realease this fall, is based on the true story of a young girl who died while being exorcised. The priest responsible was tried for manslaughter. What would your verdict be if your religion was put on trial?

The back page had it's movie website: WhatHappenedToEmily.com. Interestingly you can download clips to your PSP and can bid for props and wardrobe items there.

HP and Intel’s Mobile Colour Factory Promotion...

Something I spotted in Melbourne, Australia. HP and Intel have teamed up and created “The Colour Factory” to showcase the digital process flow from digital camera to final print, utilising - I assume - HP and Intel technology.